Does coffee actually dehydrate you? Popular myth turns out to be a load of shite.

"Coffee dehydrates you" claims Susan, a Lancashire woman who has never read a published research article in her life. Truth inside.

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How one cup of coffee will increase your AMRAP better than any pre-workout or caffeine pills

Unless your face is tingling, and your ears preparing themselves to depart into another dimension you’re doing it wrong, bro. Right?

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Arabica Or Robusta? A Quick Guide To Coffee Beans

Two words you’ll often hear thrown around by coffee boffins (AKA Twats) are Robusta and Arabica. There is a difference, and each brings their own piece to the party. Let’s cut through the BS and clear this up.

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Warning: Extreme Bean User Hospitalised

A frequent Extreme Bean coffee user was rushed to hospital earlier with chest pains and an inability to talk coherently.

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