Warning: Extreme Bean User Hospitalised

Warning: Extreme Bean User Hospitalised
Published in News on Nov 01, 2017

A frequent Extreme Bean coffee drinker was rushed to hospital earlier today with chest pains and an inability to talk coherently.

The CrossFit coach, who requested to only be referred to as Mr C, had felt a little off during the day but trained regardless for fear of losing his gains.

"I had heard that reducing caffeine can be good for you. I wasn't sure at first, but my PT client was adamant cutting out caffeine and processed meat would make me feel better. She's a yoga teacher and they tend to know these things."

Mr C had previously been drinking 2-3 cups of "Rush", a popular blend well known for its maple syrup sweetness, each day. It's thought that by reducing his coffee intake his body had reverted to its natural decaffeinated state which experts describe as "a bit shit".

"From what we can tell, this is a classic case of fake news dished out by somebody who watches those daft documentaries on Netflix." said Dr. Roo

"I'd recommend all coffee drinkers continue to enjoy their fuel, and simply feel sorry for those who decide to cut it out of their life".

Extreme Bean declined to comment but offered a friendly reminder that their fresh fuel is always available, even for yoga teachers.

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