Coffee better for AMRAP than pre-workout

How one cup of coffee will increase your AMRAP better than any pre-workout or caffeine pills
Published in News on Mar 08, 2018

It’s always been said amongst gym bro’s that pre-workout is king.

Unless your face is tingling, and your ears preparing themselves to depart into another dimension you’re doing it wrong, bro. Right?

Nah. Wrong.


Because science.

We’ve all been there. Readying for a heavy lifting session, thinking about the feeling of hitting a new number and need that extra edge to carry us through.
It’s often that vile chemical tasting powder you dig put from the bottom of your gym bag.

Studies have now pointed towards coffee not only being as effective as pre-workout but be more beneficial…

…and it’s down to more than just caffeine.

The group in this latest study were split into 5 categories and asked to perform as many reps as possible at 60% of their 1 rep max squat and bench press.

  • Coffee
  • Decaf coffee (maintaining natural polyphenols and phytonutrients)
  • Decaf coffee plus anhydrous caffeine
  • Anhydrous
  • Placebo

The findings?

Those who had Coffee and Decaf with added caffeine benefitted the most. This study did back up previous research suggesting that none of the groups saw much benefit in the bench press performance.

So, what can we take away from this?

If you enjoy the taste of great coffee such as Extreme Bean, you can see improved lower body performance on your next AMRAP over other pre-workouts.

Professional athlete needing to track exact mg of caffeine intake?

Hit an amazing tasting decaf and supplement as needed to ensure you get the most benefit.

Oh, and definitely don’t fill up on pre-workout on bench day. Enjoying a nice brew instead with all its natural properties.

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