Company Reveals Overpriced Products on Black Friday

Company Reveals Overpriced Products on Black Friday
Published in News on Nov 13, 2017

An online business has revealed it's massively overpriced products by slashing prices for "Black Friday".

The term Black Friday was first coined in the 1860's when two greedy gentlemen, Jim and Joe, drove up the price of gold and caused the stock market to crash.

Sarah McKin, owner of '' (MWL) was shocked to find angry emails after beginning to hike up prices.

"Well we obviously want to make a ton of money from the stupid American trend which has crept over here, and began raising our already sky high prices in order to throw an offer in for Black Friday."

In reality the bombproof plan blew back into the face of Sarah, after customers turned out to have common sense - a fact MWL had not considered.

"I've been called a wank puffin*, a greedy shitend and publicly likened to a form of bacteria recently discovered around the anus of a crow."

Luckily, some companies are built on morals and aren't looking to do others over through price hikes, fake offers and MLM models.
A spokesperson from Extreme Bean Coffee Company said
"Load of shit isn't it? We might throw something out there to add a little value to someones day but that's it. I mean, if a company can afford to bundle products together and offer a HUGE Black Friday discount, why can't they do it at others times of the year too?"

Extreme Bean offer a fantastic coffee bundle year round, perfect for pre-workout, a busy day in the office or a lazy Sunday by the fire.

*not a known species of Puffin

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