Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker
Published in Extreme Beanists on Aug 16, 2018

Extreme Bean athlete - Kelly Baker

Kelly has been an avid supporter of Extreme Bean Coffee for some time, online and representing us at competitions across the UK.

Besides that, Kelly defines the definition Extreme Beanist in every sense of the word.

Before the barbell

 Kelly hasn't always been a full time coach and athlete, starting her career in another extreme profession - midwifery.

Initially coaching at CrossFit Pontefract, Kelly and Tony opened the doors to CrossFit Barnsley in 2017. Through hard work and a true sense of community, CF Barnsley has now grown into a fantastic box with a close knit group of members who welcome anyone who walks through the shutter doors.

As well as training for multiple hours a day, and competing across the country, Kelly works hard for her members, using her contacts in the CrossFit community to offer them the latest deals and opportunities.

Kelly is an asset to the UK CrossFit market and we couldn't  be prouder to have her on board.

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